Why Does My Realtor Require a Home Inspection on the Newly Built Home I Am Buying?

Building your new home? That’s good. You’d definitely love everything about your newly built home, but then there comes the realtor who tells you to get a home inspection done. Even though your home is brand new, it’s still not confirmed whether it’s perfect or not.

You might be wondering, do I need a home inspection for a new build? This is a common question for new home buyers. 

The simple answer to that is YES! But RJ Home Inspections will take you through all those reasons that make a home inspection for new builds unskippable for you.

A new construction home inspection is conducted when a professional inspector examines a newly constructed home before closing. This inspection identifies any defects, flaws, or issues during the phases of your home construction. 

This inspection evaluates the building’s quality, looking for any issues that builders might miss accidentally. It identifies defects that may not be immediately obvious, like improper insulation or ventilation. Which can cause bigger problems later.

Moreover, professional home inspection for new builds ensures your new home is safe and structurally sound before you move in. The scope of these inspections covers every nook and cranny of your home. Whether it’s a major or a minor part, including foundation, framing, roofing, or systems. 

So let’s start with answering all your whys;

Reasons To Consider Professional Home Inspection for New Builds

A newly built home seems flawless at the start. But there could be something going wrong that you might not catch at first sight. There are important reasons to conduct a home inspection for new builds before you move in, so here are some of them.  

Identify Construction Defects

Trust us when we say conducting a home inspection for new builds is worth every penny. They will identify defects in construction and used materials. That you likely wouldn’t notice yourself. 

For instance, you’ll have to face energy loss if there’s improper insulation. The same is the case with roofing issues like lifted or bent shingles causing leaks. The inspectors also assess the foundations for cracks to avoid any compromise on your home’s structural stability.

You need to understand that builders can make mistakes, too. As they often work on multiple homes at once and can overlook issues. That’s why a fresh eye is needed; who knows what could be possibly missed or defective and where. Professional new construction home inspectors do that. They have a keen eye to catch those issues before any sale is finalized.

Ensure Proper Functionality 

While your home’s elements and areas may look aesthetically appealing, you never know how its systems or appliances are working. A home inspection for new builds ensures proper functionality of all the systems.

Take this example.

The inspectors will turn on the heat and air conditioning systems. So you experience proper temperature and airflow. They’ll also assess the plumbing systems for leaks and adequate water flow and pressure. 

This inspection also includes examining the electrical systems for exposed wiring or testing the outlets. The inspectors will put the appliances installed by the builders to a thorough operational test. If they catch any functional issues now, you won’t get stuck finding them once you move in.

Addressing Safety Concerns

Safety is a top concern for any resident and a priority for any home inspectors. They will be actively checking for issues that could pose a risk. 

For instance, they’ll be assessing exposed electrical wiring, lack of fire stopping, or inadequate railing heights around balconies. They will also look for loose railings, uneven steps and risers, and insufficient smoke or CO detectors. 

If they find any red flags that can risk someone’s safety, they will highlight them. So you, with your builder, can rectify them immediately. 

Saving You Money

It’s always less expensive to conduct a home inspection for new builds. As they reveal any construction defects and problems ahead of time. On the other hand, if you were to inspect the issues after moving in, it could cost comparatively more. 

During a home inspection for new builders, your builder would still be bearing responsibility. But if you choose to skip one, you’ll be paying for the repairs yourself later. This means paying for an inspection now can save you thousands later on.

Builder Accountability

A new construction home inspection promotes accountability for the builder. To adhere to quality standards and proper construction techniques. We know builders intend to build excellent homes. However, oversights can still happen when they are managing multiple projects. 

The inspection process holds them accountable for rectifying any issues. This ensures you get exactly what you paid for.

What’s Revealed by A New Construction Home Inspection?

A thorough home inspection on a new build can reveal numerous hidden issues. Before they could turn into major headaches. Inspectors have trained eyes to see what doesn’t exist in buyers’ view. Investing in a new construction home inspection means you are ensuring your new beautiful home is safe and built to last.

Leaking Pipes

Inspectors check for any leaks in the plumbing system. Because leaks not only damage the home but can lead to mold growth. They would also test your system for water pressure and sewer drainage.

Faulty Wiring 

The inspectors will assess your newly built home for any electrical issues. Including exposed wiring, improper connections, grounded outlets, and faulty breaker panels. They will thoroughly test the electrical system to reveal any deficiencies.

Critical Safety Issues

The inspectors will look for any safety hazards. Such as lack of fire blocking, balconies without proper railing height, unsafe steps, and missing safety equipment. These issues can put your family at risk if you don’t address them properly.

Flooring Scratches

Your home’s floors are new. Which means they should be pristine. But sometimes, the floors of a newly constructed home get damaged during construction. The inspectors spot the surface damage that you may miss on walkthroughs.

Besides these elements, the inspectors will also assess improper grading, incomplete construction, incorrectly installed appliances, poorly installed roofing and structural issues.

The Bottom Line

If you are one of those who google, “Do I Need a Home Inspection for A New Build?” then this was your ultimate guide. The new construction home inspectors identify issues that builders miss. So you can get them fixed promptly. This also protects you from expensive repairs and safety hazards. 

We suggest you get a home inspection for new builds before moving in. so it doesn’t get too early or too late for you to inspect a newly built home. Scroll through our blog section to learn more about inspections.

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