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    Wood-Destroying Insects

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    Wood-destroying organisms (WDI) have the potential to cause extensive property damage. Early discovery of termite, powderpost beetle, or other wood-destroying insect activity isn’t always easy, but it can help you protect your investment and save you thousands in repair costs. This is why you should hire RJ inspections to take a look at your property for the signs of wood-destroying organisms. Our inspectors will leave no stone unturned during wood-destroying insect inspection to deliver the most reliable and accurate results in the inspection report. During a noninvasive Wood Destroying Inspection Methuen the walls coverings, shelving, insulation, furniture, storage objects, and other items are not disrupted or removed. The inspector looks for signs of a past or current Wood Destroying Insect infestation, such as shelter tubes, bore/exit holes, frass, and any visibly accessible damage left behind by a Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) infestation. Most of the time, the damage caused by the following insects is identified:

    Carpenter bees
    Old house borers
    Powderpost beetles

    If you think your house is home to any of these wood-destroying insects, call RJ inspection immediately to have a look at your house.

    Causes of Termites and Other WDIs:

    WDI infestations can occur due to a variety of reasons. Some of them include:


    ‘Moisture’ is the most common cause of wood-eating insect infestation. These infestations are common in areas with wetness and mildew. As a result, WDI are commonly found in laundry rooms, basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. Broken pipes, leaks, clogged gutters, and an unsuitable drainage system can all contribute to a WDI-friendly environment.


    WDI can be found everywhere there is wood. Such insects feed on wood, which is their main source of nutrition. That is why it’s a good idea to have your home inspected at least once a year. If the report shows the existence of WDI, you can fix the problem early on and avoid further damage.

    Plants and flowers

    Pest infestations might be triggered by exposed timber, foliage, or plants near your home. Insects are drawn to cellulose, which attracts them to your home. This is why wood and greenery should be kept at least 28 inches away from your house. This way, termites and other pests will have a hard time getting to your home’s foundation.


    Wet air creates ideal conditions for pests to breed. Pest infestations can be avoided by keeping the air dry and moving around the house. Electric fans are the most effective remedy for such issues. They help you get rid of moisture by keeping the air dry. You can also avoid moisture in areas like restrooms, attics, and swimming pools by ensuring sufficient ventilation.

    Signs of Wood-Destroying Insects

    Every living organism leaves signs of its existence and so do insects. Pest infestation is detected by observing all the signs and indications, such as:

    Mud Tubes:

    Termites and other wood-destroying insects frequently form mud tubes in a home’s walls, flooring, and foundation. They use these mud tubes to get from one site to another.

    Discarded Wings:

    After establishing a new colony, termites discard their wings. Termites in your home might be detected by the presence of dislodged wings.

    Insect Excrement:

    Pest excrement can appear to be similar to coffee grounds or sawdust. It is, however, most commonly found around baseboards, window frames, and door frames.

    Sagging Floors:

    Termite infestations can be detected by sagging or bulging floorboards, beams, and other wooden surfaces throughout your property. It usually occurs at the end of the process, when the foundation has grown weak and no longer supports the structure.

    Water Stains & Mold

    Water or moisture stains may indicate more serious harm. Severe untreated mold can also lead to pest infestation and hence is one of the signs of their existence.

    Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection

    RJ Inspections is known for providing the best services for

    Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Cost

    Depending on the location, kind of foundation, and size of the property, a normal wood-destroying inspection Massachusetts might cost anywhere from $65 to $200. The inspection of bigger houses that are also quite old requires more time and effort and hence leads to a higher inspection cost. Smaller houses and the ones that are newly constructed do not require much time. Therefore, the inspection of such houses doesn’t cost much. 

    How to Prevent WDI Infestation?

    Here are some tips to help you prevent WDI infestation:

    Keep the gutters clean.
    Ensure proper surface grading around your house.
    If you want to stay pest-free, keep trees and bushes away from the house.
    Treat mold and mildew as soon as you find out about them.
    Ensure proper ventilation around the house.

    If you have been careless in the past and now fear that you may have a pest infestation problem, we are here to test it for you. The inspection report will reveal whether what you fear is true or not. 

    Hire RJ Inspections

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    Our home inspectors are qualified, certified, and rigorously trained to provide the most trusted wood-destroying insect inspection services to clients. The inspection reports are usually handed over to the client within 24 hours. So, if you are in a hurry, there is no need to worry. Our inspectors show strictly follow all the rules and principles to make sure you get the best WDI inspection services. 

    Sick of Wood-Destroying Insects? We are here for you.

    These insects are dangerous, but not uncontrollable. Furthermore, there are numerous ways to protect your home from them. If you reside in Methuen and fear your home has WDIs, contact us immediately to schedule a wood-destroying insect check. Contact one of our friendly representatives to have your concerns addressed right away. We provide inspection 7 days a week, so there is not a single day that you would have to wait just to get a home inspection. We guarantee you that you will love our home inspection services and will be completely satisfied with the experience. 

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