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    We know it can be very tempting to purchase or move into a newly constructed house right away, however it is not really a good idea. It is better not to be hasty and conduct a new construction inspection to see if the house is safe to live in. Many people think that just because a house is newly built it must be in a good condition. However, that is not true and such hasty decisions can backfire in the long run. According to experts, you should get a new construction inspection to make sure there are no hidden defects and security hazards. In the past, these kinds of inspections were handled by the code enforcement agencies, but now it is solely the responsibility of the buyers or homeowners to get the house inspected. 

    RJ Inspections provides the best new construction inspection services to clients. Our home inspectors are qualified and rigorously trained to reveal hidden defects like incorrect installations, faulty electrical wiring, and other safety hazards.

    Checklist for New Construction Inspection

    RJ home inspectors conduct detailed and thorough new construction inspections Massachusetts which includes the following areas:

    Roof, basement, crawlspaces.
    Attic and garage.
    Built-in appliances.
    HVAC Systems.
    Switches, receptacles, and lights
    Circuit breaker
    Plumbing fixtures.
    Structural components.
    The frame of the house.
    GFCI & AFCI receptacles.
    Locks, doors, windows.

    All you Need is a Thorough

    New Construction Inspection by RJ Inspections

    Most Common Issues Found during a New Construction Inspection

    Construction mistakes happen all the time, which many people find difficult to deal with after spending so much money on construction. It could be a minor issue that can be quickly fixed, or it could be a major issue that calls the home’s value into doubt. Here are a few of the most common blunders that an inspector may come across.

    Faulty Roof Drainage

    It is quite common for home inspectors to find inadequate roof drainage in newly constructed homes. Improper drainage can lead to ponding in case of heavy rainfall. A proper drainage system directs the water away from to roof towards the sewer. A poor drainage system can cause significant damage to the concrete and asphalt resulting in other serious issues like structural and foundation damage.

    Uneven Surfaces

    In some houses, there can be uneven floors, walls, and other surfaces. By uneven we mean saggings or bouncing floors with improper slopes. Uneven surfaces are usually caused by poor structural designs, soil movement, and exposure to too much moisture.

    Faulty Foundation

    It can be heartbreaking but your newly constructed house can have a cracked foundation, walls, or chimneys. If your windows and doors do not close as they should, you probably have a faulty foundation. Fixing foundation issues can cost a lot but hopefully, if things work out you will be able to get the contractors to fix the issue for free as many contractors give one year warranty for new houses.

    Incorrectly Used Tools

    Another thing that is commonly found during new construction inspections Methuen is the incorrect use of screws, nails, or other mountings. Such defects indicate poor workmanship.

    Dangerous Staircases

    It is very important for the staircases to be built perfectly. A fall on the staircase can be quite dangerous and may lead to spinal cord injured, broken bones, tissue damage, and brain injuries. Many inspectors find staircases in newly constructed homes that are nothing more than serious safety hazards.

    Bad Wood Quality

    We know you spend a lot of time choosing the most trustworthy construction contractors, but unfortunately, many times contractors use substandard lumber that causes multiple serious issues for the homeowners.