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    You have recently bought a house and want it to be insured but the insurance company is demanding an insurance inspection report? Well, this is quite common. Home insurance companies often require homeowners to get insurance inspections. If this is what you are going through, we have got you covered. RJ inspections provides excellent and rigorous home insurance inspection services to its clients.

    Insurance Inspection Vs Home Inspection

    A home insurance inspection is not completely the same as a regular house inspection. You order a home inspection to check the condition of the house for your own peace of mind. For instance, you might want to make sure the house doesn’t have any major structural issues, such as a cracked foundation or faulty wiring. A trained home inspector goes over the house from the inside out looking for any damages and defects. 

    Insurance inspections are required by the company from which you are purchasing homeowners insurance. Companies set their own timelines for deciding whether or not your home needs to be inspected, which can be up to 90 days after the policy is signed. Insurance inspections help the company avoid hefty claims. 

    During a Massachusetts property insurance Inspection, a licensed inspector will come out to your home to determine the risk potential for future claims and liability. The inspection will also offer information about the home that will be used to create a valuation. The valuation will help verify that the insurance coverage is sufficient in the case of a severe loss. Following the inspection, your insurer will evaluate whether coverage revisions are required and whether or not to continue writing your property insurance policy. If your property is deemed too risky to cover, an insurance company can use an insurance inspection report to raise your premium, ask you to fix problems, or even cancel your policy.

    Whether it is a regular home inspection, a pre-purchase home inspection, appraisal, or an insurance inspection, you are solely responsible for paying the cost of the inspection out of your pocket.

    The Process of Home Insurance Inspection

    During a home insurance inspection, the inspector focuses on all the hidden risks that can lead to future claims. Your insurers will base their next decision on the inspection report given by the inspection company. A home inspection usually covers the assessment of the following:.
    Attic, Basement, Garage
    Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    Smoke Detectors
    Ceilings and Roof
    House’s Exterior
    Fencing, Flooring
    HVAC Systems
    Plumbing system
    Walls, doors, windows
    Electrical System and Security system
    Foundation, decks, and porches

    The home insurance inspector will examine and focus on all the things in detail and provide a thorough inspection report which will contain all the findings, suggestions, and recommendations.

    Getting ready for a Home Insurance Inspection

    Do you have an insurance inspection coming up? Well, the best thing you can do is to be prepared for it. You wouldn’t want any big damages to show up in the inspection report. Take a walk around the house, look for everything that could be wrong. Check your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms to see if they are working properly. If necessary, change their batteries to make sure they don’t die at the time of the inspection. Another thing you can do is to look buy a fire extinguisher for extra safety in case of fire. Emptying dryer vents, unclogging the drains, and sealing the leaks in your basement or attic can also improve the condition of the house. Look for the things that could pose a potential risk to the house or the people in it, such as unsafe pool areas, faulty electrical systems, fire hazards, clogged chimneys, malfunctioning alarms, and overgrown trees. Once you have identified all the major risks, fix them beforehand and hope nothing else comes up in the inspection report.

    Four-Point Inspections - What is it and why do insurance companies ask for it?

    A four-point inspection refers to the four key areas of your home that inspectors examine during insurance inspections. These four areas, while included in interior and exterior inspections, are the most likely to result in high-claim payouts in the future (and therefore require a more in-depth inspection). The roof, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems are all examined during a four-point examination.

    How long does an insurance inspection take?

    Home Inspector Insurance Massachusetts usually takes somewhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours to properly inspect a house. The duration of time can depend upon the age and size of the house. Bigger and older homes take more time to be fully inspected. The inspector examines both the interior and the exterior of the house. The longer it takes the more thorough and detailed the inspection will be.

    Our Certified Home Inspectors

    can Make Insurance Inspection Look Like a Piece of Cake!

    What happens after the inspection?

    The insurance company may provide you with a list of recommendations following the examination. The majority of the recommendations are focused on potential risk issues and how to address them. If you find anything confusing, you can clarify it with follow-up questions. This is because any doubt could cause issues with the service provider.

    If any of the recommendations appear to be unrealistic, contact the insurer right at once. You may be able to convince the insurers to change their recommendations by showing them the proof of your claims.

    Is home insurance inspection always necessary?

    There are some insurance companies that do not require their clients to have a home insurance inspection. Hence, you might be able to purchase home insurance without first having the house thoroughly inspected. In short, whether you require an inspection or not depends upon the insurance company you choose. 

    You should never ask the supplier if the house inspection can be waived. It may appear to the provider that there is a problem with the property, and they may refuse to insure your home. If the provider requests an examination, the best thing you can do is to cooperate with them.

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