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    We Guarantee Your Safety Inside the House

    RJ Inspections provides home inspection services Massachusetts that are known for being exceptionally good and detailed among the clients. You may think that the house you are going to buy or the one you live in is safe and flawless, but that is not usually the case. A home inspection will uncover and reveal the hidden flaws and damages that could cause a lot of problems in the future. A home inspector is not the same as a building inspector and therefore he cannot really check or verify building code compliance. A home inspector looks for defects inside the house and presents them in the form of a well-made and comprehensive inspection report. 

    RJ Inspections is Here For You

    Certified Inspectors

    If you are looking for qualified, experienced, and certified home inspectors then you are at the right place. RJ inspectors are all either the members or the candidates of the American Standard of Home Inspectors (ASHI). They follow all the rules and regulations of ASHI strictly and maintain the highest ethical standard. They follow the quality standards given by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the best of their abilities. You can trust our inspectors completely without any doubt.

    Comprehensive Reports

    After the careful evaluation of your house’s structure and components, our home inspectors prepare comprehensive inspection reports to deliver the information to the client in the most easy-to-understand way. The inspection reports are emailed within 24 hours to the clients.

    Quality Assurance

    No matter what we always make sure that you get the best services. Quality assurance is the most important thing that we guarantee at every cost every time our inspectors enter the house of a client. We never give up or back down from our claims and that makes us stand out amongst our competitors.

    Best Customer Service

    Emergencies can occur at any time. Even if there is no emergency, many people often remember such tasks as home inspection at night or on weekends when they are free from the hustle and bustle of life. Therefore, to make things as easy and feasible as possible, we provide phone coverage even at night and on weekends. No matter what day or time it is, you can always contact us without any hesitation.

    Is Your House the True Embodiment of Your Dreams?

    The ultimate dream of any person is to own a house that provides maximum comfort and safety from the elements. You wouldn’t want to buy or live in a house that is full of defects and damages that can make it crumble into pieces any time of the day. The best way to make sure that the house is perfect for you and your loved ones is to order a home inspection Massachusetts. A home inspection can give you a clear idea about the condition of the house without any trouble. You will be able to know about the defects and get them repaired before anything serious happens.

    During a home inspection, the RJ inspector may observe and examine the following components of the house:

    Structural Integrity
    HVAC Systems
    Plumbing System
    Electrical System
    Garage, Attic, & Basement
    Roofing System
    Fireplaces & Chimney
    Exterior system
    Safety & Security Hazards
    Built-in Appliances

    This is a general list of the house’s components and systems covered in a home inspection. However, depending upon the specific situations, a home inspector may add or subtract some of the areas while conducting Massachusetts home inspections

    We Offer Multiple Additional Home Inspection Services

    Radon Testing

    Radon testing service helps in detecting the levels of radon gas inside the home. By mitigating radon gas you can create a healthy environment for your loved ones.

    Water Quality Testing

    Water quality testing is necessary to check whether the water is safe to drink and use on daily basis or not. It protects you from waterborne diseases.