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    RJ Inspections - Your First Choice for Commercial Building Inspection

    RJ inspectors are well-known in Massachusetts for conducting excellent residential inspections. But residential inspections are not all that we offer. We’re also commercial building inspectors with a track record of helping buyers and property owners with excellent commercial inspections. Whether you’re thinking of selling your property or are just a prospective renter who needs thorough building knowledge, RJ commercial inspectors are here to help you out.


    Our commercial property inspectors receive rigorous training before entering the field. RJ commercial building inspectors thoroughly execute Property Conditions Assessments (PCA) on commercial buildings which leads to comprehensive Property Condition Reports.


    No matter what your requirements are, we are always ready to do the job:

    New Construction Inspection

    By conducting a new construction inspection for your commercial property we can help you in verifying the adequacy of materials and the quality of onsite workmanship. We deliver a detailed report about the condition of the property so that you can decide your next plan of action.

    Pre-Listing Commercial Inspection

    It is wise to order a pre-listing commercial inspection before putting the building up for sale and we are here to help you out with it. Our inspectors will provide you with a report containing all the information regarding the hidden defects and damages that you can repair beforehand.

    Pre or Post-lease Commercial Inspections

    Before any paperwork is signed, pre-lease and post-lease inspections provide landlords and renters with an accurate understanding of the state of a commercial property. As long as you can order our commercial building inspection Methuen, there is nothing you need to worry about.

    We Ensure You Get Excellent Commercial Property Inspections by Certified Home Inspectors

    We are here to inspect all types of commercial buildings. So, do not hesitate. If you need commercial property inspection services, contact us immediately and we will do the rest for you. We inspect all commercial buildings including:

    Office & Retail
    Industrial & Hospitality
    Apartments & Condos

    When it comes to commercial home inspection, RJ inspections is your best ally and the most trusted service provider.

    Checklist for Commercial Property Inspection Methuen

    We can help you gain confidence in the condition of your commercial building. Our commercial property inspectors will conduct in-depth inspections and reveal every hidden flaw in the form of a well-organized and easy-to-understand inspection report. Here is what is generally included in a commercial property inspection:

    Utilities, Paving, and Landscaping
    Structural Framing
    Building Envelope
    Plumbing system
    HVAC Systems
    Roofing & Drainage System
    Electrical System
    Fire Protection
    Emergency Exits
    Interior Elements
    Documentation & Suggestions

    Once the RJ inspector has completed the inspection you can rest assured that soon you will know the condition of your house. You will receive the inspection report as soon as it is ready.

    Additional Services for Your Commercial Property

    Radon Testing

    Radon gas accumulates inside the home over time and can cause dangerous diseases like lung cancer. Radon testing usually starts with the lowest level of a building which is usually the basement. Your RJ Inspector will use modern equipment to test the level of radon gas in your commercial building to make sure that the levels are not higher than 4 pCi/l.

    Mold Inspection

    Mold can also be found in commercial buildings as a result of neglect or excessive moisture. People may develop severe allergic reactions to mold spores in the air. This is why the eradication of mold is critical in commercial buildings. We can help you identify and locate the mold inside the building and reach the main cause of its existence, such as water damage.

    Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection

    Termites and other wood-destroying insects can do a lot of harm to your building. Damage to commercial properties can be substantial, resulting in costly repairs and replacements. WDI can cause structural damage and jeopardize the safety of the occupants. Annual wood-destroying insect inspections can help detect pest infestations at an early stage.