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    RJ Home Inspections is the one-stop shop for The Best Home Inspection; we might not do Mold Inspections, but we know the best in the field and will have a mold inspection scheduled along with your Home inspection services.

    We have been providing services across Massachusetts for 35+ years and remain a firm and affordable choice for home inspections in the state. We offer value-added packages with expert skills. Are you facing Mold in your Home?

    We can help you determine the extent of your mold issue through our partners offering the best quality mold services.

    Mold With RJ Home Inspections

    No home building company wants to touch the mold. If price is your priority, call RJ Home Inspections. Suppose you have scheduled a home inspection and have a mold concern. You can get valued service by hiring a licensed Mold Home inspector in MA through us; we will get you only the best.

    Myths about Mold

    Mold Only Exists at Dirty Places.

    Many people believe that mold is only present in old and dirty buildings, but that is not true. Mold formation occurs due to excess moisture. It is mainly caused by hidden leaks, water damage, or poor ventilation and can be present anywhere.

    Mold Always has a Musty Smell.

    Mold doesn’t have to have a musty smell. So, even if you cannot smell mold, you shouldn’t shrug off the idea of mold. Most of the residents have no clue about the existence of mold. As a result, they keep breathing it in and suffer from multiple severe health conditions. Many people develop allergies and spend most of their day sneezing.

    How Does Mold Make People Sick?

    Mold releases tiny spores that can spread rapidly inside the house and cause multiple illnesses, including asthma attacks, respiratory diseases, and allergies. A minor mold spot can release up to 500000 spores into the air. Mold spores easily flow through prevailing air currents and HVAC systems. In addition, they cross-contaminate the premises at such a rate that a mold problem in one room can quickly become a full building problem. A mold inspector can assist you in determining the cause behind the mold growth in your home or commercial building by conducting a comprehensive mold inspection in Massachusetts.

    When Should You Order a Mold Inspection Service?

    You should call our mold inspection services right away in any of the situations given below:

    If your house recently had a leak, water damage, flood, or sewage backup.
    If you notice mold or smell a musty stench.
    If a person or a pet is exhibiting allergy-like symptoms, including flu, sneezing, fever, and rashes.
    It has been a long time since you last had a mold inspection.
    If you have a moist basement, attic, or another place with poor ventilation.
    Before you decide to buy a property or put one on sale in the market.
    An ice blockage on your roof has caused water to pour into your house or workplace.

    Is It Okay to look for Mold using Home Mold Testing Kit?

    Many people think it is alright to use a home testing kit instead of calling the professionals to do the job. However, it is not a good idea because home testing kits do not provide reliable results. Since mold spores are all around us, they will likely contaminate the testing container during testing. All home testing kits produce inconclusive results in most cases; getting an independent mold inspection from a professional mold inspector is the best option.

    The Cost of Mold Inspection

    The cost of a mold inspection is not the same for every house in every situation. It can vary depending upon multiple factors, such as the size of the house, degree of invasiveness, and type of testing required by the client. For example, bulk testing and culturing cost more than simple tape or swab tests. Moreover, the mold inspection of bigger houses requires more time and effort than the smaller ones. Massachusetts Mold Inspection cost can also increase if the inspector adopts more invasive means like opening up walls or digging under the crawl space.

    RJ Home Inspections is the one-stop for The Best Home Inspection; we might not do Mold Inspections, but we know the best in the field and will have a mold inspection scheduled along with your Home inspection services.

    Value-added price

    Resolving issues will cost you about 70% higher on homes with mold than on other problems. We offer info and referrals to trusted, tested, affordable mold testing and remediation companies. Who wants another hassle and expenditure when you have our experts to help?

    Just say the word

    Don't know much about mold damage but have an old home that needs repairs; a mold expert can tell you if there's any possible cost-saving option in cleaning up your house or a remediation risk. Isn't it comforting to know that you have a safe place to get a second opinion? No matter what kind of building is in question, we are ready to inspect the property and give objective advice, so call right away and save on your mold remediation services!

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