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    Water Quality Testing

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    Water is an absolute necessity for every living organism including humans. It is necessary to make sure that the water is of good quality. Contaminated water can cause multiple gastrointestinal diseases and can even lead to death. RJ Inspection provides water quality testing services to test the quality of the water you drink and use on daily basis. We make sure that you remain healthy and safe from waterborne diseases. 

    Public Water Systems Vs Private Water supplies

    Nowadays people either get water through public water systems or private water supplies. Those who go for public water systems receive water from water companies that are responsible for testing the water quality to make sure it is according to the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations. If toxins are found in the water you drink, your water company is supposed to warn you as soon as possible. Community water systems also provide annual water quality reports to the customers. This report given to the consumers is usually called Consumer Confidence Report. It contains all the information that you may require to know about the quality of water you drink. 

    Private water supplies are quite different from public ones. Many people use household wells to get water for daily use. In such cases, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to get the quality of the water tested frequently to make sure it is safe to drink. Even if your water supply is currently safe and pure, regular testing can be beneficial since it provides a history of water quality. This data will assist you in resolving any future issues and collecting compensation in case someone damages the water supply.

    Signs of Contaminated Water:

    Scale Build-Up

    When water travels from one place to another it collects different minerals like calcium and magnesium on its way to the destination. Such minerals can create rock-like scares in the water. If you see such scales, you should know that your water has been contaminated by minerals. It is the perfect time to hire RJ inspections for Water Quality Testing Methuen

    Foul Smell

    Mold doesn’t have to have a musty smell. So, even if you cannot smell mold, you shouldn’t shrug the idea of mold off your shoulders. Most of the time, the residents have no clue about the existence of mold. They keep breathing it in and end up suffering from multiple serious health conditions. Many people get develop allergies and end up spending most of their day sneezing.

    Bad Taste

    Clean water doesn’t have a taste. This is quite fortunate because we are supposed to drink it multiple times every day without getting sick of it. If your water tastes bad, then something must be wrong. Your water may taste bad due to the existence of hydrogen sulfides. These sulfides are released by bacteria in water. This kind of bacteria can be present in pipes, drains, well, and water heaters. 

    Water Looks Hazy

    If your water looks hazy, then you should take it as a sign of impurities and contaminants. It is actually the dissolved manganese minerals and iron that makes that give such hazy color to the water. Water with high manganese levels can cause problems with motor skills, memory, and attention. Such water with high levels of iron can also cause plumbing issues as it leaves a residue that can clog the pipes over time. 

    Waterborne Diseases

    Bacteria and viruses can contaminate your private water supply and cause many different waterborne diseases. If you have typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, or any other related illness, you should consider getting your water tested. You may have caught a bacteria or virus from the contaminated drinking water. The only way to be sure is to get Water Quality Testing Methuen MA as soon as possible. 

    Clean Water Ensures a Healthy Lifestyle

    According to EPA, you should test your water at least once a year to check if it has bacteria viruses, nitrates, high pH levels, or total dissolved solids. You should especially do this if the well is new or if you recently have repaired or replaced pipes, pumps, or any other component of the well. If you are expecting a baby, you should know that nitrates can be dangerous for the baby. You should test the water both in early pregnancy and the first six months after the baby is born. In such matters, laziness can lead to lifelong regrets. 

    Can Radon Gas also Contaminate Water?

    Yes! Contrary to what you may think, radon gas produced by decaying uranium in the soil can also enter the water. You should frequently get the water tested to check the levels of radon in it. People who drink water contaminated with radon for a long time can develop stomach cancer. So many people are unaware of this fact and think that radon is found only in the air. However, that is certainly not true. If you need someone for testing radon levels in your household well water, RJ inspection can do the job for you, 

    We can protect your loved ones from diseases through our Water Quality Testing Services

    Our water quality inspectors run multiple tests for Water Quality Testing Massachusetts to check the presence of any contaminants or impurities. A thorough well water quality test gives a comprehensive image of everything in the water, from bacteria and parasites to heavy metals and organic compounds.

    A trained RJ inspector will come to your home and take samples from your water source to perform a well water quality test. For comparison, an inspector may collect water samples both from the well and from your tap. This makes it easier to pinpoint the source of any potential contamination. The water samples are then analyzed in detail to make sure there are no contaminants. Once you have the report you can discuss it with the inspector in detail to understand it and devise an appropriate plan to resolve the issues.

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