The Role of Sewer Line Inspections in Home Maintenance

Is the sewage seeping into your backyard or backing up inside your house? We’re sorry that you’re going through such disgusting home maintenance nightmares as a homeowner.

But what have you thought about as a solution?

How do you intend to fix this?

No clue?

Let us suggest something then. Schedule a sewer line inspection.

A sewer line inspection is a great way to avoid this stomach-churning situation. And also one of the greatest ways to maintain your house and prove you’re a responsible homeowner.

In this blog, we will discuss why sewer line inspection is important and its role in helping you maintain your home.

What Happens During A Sewer Line Inspection?

Using a specialized camera, a sewer line inspection looks into your house’s main drainpipe and sewer pipes. A “cleanout,” or short pipe that gives access to your drains is how a plumber can place the camera into your sewer line. Most cleanouts are installed in backyards, though some houses also have one within.

Your plumber will remove a toilet to access the sewage line if you don’t have a cleanout. If you don’t already have an access point, you’ll probably spend some extra dollars because this process takes longer.

If you intend to regularly inspect your sewer line,  installing a cleanout might be worthwhile.

After getting access to your sewage system, the inspector uses a video camera to search for clogs in your drains. In addition, they’ll search for any other issues that might be causing your drains to leak or back up, such as cracks, holes, or tree roots. After the inspection, the plumber may recommend changes or repairs to your sewage system to enhance its functionality and lower the likelihood of more costly issues. For instance, they can recommend fixing bellying, low spots in your pipes where sewage and water can build up.

Moreover, the length and condition of your sewer line determine how long the inspection takes. Usually, your plumber will complete the inspection in less than an hour. If your sewer line is exceptionally lengthy or your inspector finds problems, it can take longer.

Why is Getting A Sewer Line Inspection Important?

If you want to be efficient with your home maintenance, you And here, sewer pipe inspections play a critical role. It’s important to realize that the health of your home’s sewer system determines its overall well-being. Below are some reasons that make sewer line inspections important to your home ownership.

Preventative Maintenance 

It’s better to stay ahead of the issues if you want to avoid them and maintain your home. And sewer line inspections are a blessing in disguise in this case. These inspections will help you find the issues before they become major. By inspecting your sewer lines through an expert, you can detect blocks, cracks, and other issues early on. This will help save you money and time both.

Accurate Diagnostics 

Advanced sewer line inspections use line cameras that provide a clear view of your pipes’ interior. These help the experts find the primary reason for the occurring problems accurately. The reasons can range from root intrusion to build-up of debris.

With this information, your inspector can also recommend targeted solutions tailored to your specific situation.

Cost-Effective Solutions 

As it’s obvious by now, these inspections help pinpoint the exact nature and location of a problem. They also don’t require any invasive and extensive experimental work. This precision helps you acquire cost-effective solutions. This is because you can now focus on the area that requires a major input of your efforts and attention. Eventually, this will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and disruptions.

Efficient Repairs 

Once the inspection has identified the issues, you can plan and execute the repairs more efficiently. It doesn’t matter whether the issue requires extensive repair or simple cleaning and pipelining.

These inspections help you know the exact nature of the problem, and with the right materials or tools (and if the issues are extensive, then with the right professional), you can handle the issue seamlessly. Not to mention, this leads to less disruption to your daily life and a quicker resolution.

Documentation for Homeowners 

Every sewer line inspection comes with transparency for you. This means you’ll know exactly what’s the issue with your sewer.

These expert inspections provide a visual record of your sewer lines’ condition. This document won’t only act as a reference point for your further decisions, but you’ll also be able to understand your home’s infrastructure pretty well.

Comprehensive Home Health Check 

Most of the sewer line inspections go beyond just addressing the immediate concerns. But they also provide you with a comprehensive home health check. These inspections help ensure that your sewer lines are in the best condition possible. And they contribute to your house’s overall well-being and enhance its longevity.


In conclusion, sewer line inspections are not just about highlighting and addressing the immediate issues. A sewer inspection is one of the cornerstones of your well-versed home maintenance and ownership.

Even if your sewer system, gutters, or downspouts are not showing any obvious signs of issues, scheduling a sewer line inspection is still imperative. You don’t want issues growing beneath your foot.

It’s best to schedule a sewer line inspection with RJ Home Inspections. Their dedicated team provides a comprehensive sewer inspection and a home health check. The experts at RJ Home Inspections ensure that your sewer lines are in optimal condition and that their services contribute to the overall well-being of your house.

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