Homebuyer Beware: The Importance of Septic Inspection – Massachusetts vs New Hampshire

If you are in the market for a new home in Massachusetts or New Hampshire it’s important to make sure your investment is well made. Having a professional home inspection, ensures both the buyer and the seller are protected from any pitfalls that might occur before the sale takes place.

Once you’ve found your new place, it’s crucial to know the ins and outs of the home, importantly what will take the waste out of your home. As a potential homebuyer having a septic system can be costly—but it doesn’t have to be. Find out how you’re protected and why you need to have a septic system inspection before you buy.

Here is what you need to know…

Massachusetts Title 5 Inspection     

In Massachusetts, a Septic Title 5 Inspection is required by law before purchasing or selling a home with a septic system. This inspection, conducted by professionals, certifies that your septic system is in correct working order and complies with state regulations. It protects the buyer from any pitfalls that might occur from a damaged and untested system. To learn more about Title 5 inspections please visit the Massachusetts DEP online at http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/massdep/water/wastewater/

New Hampshire—No Inspection Needed

The State of New Hampshire currently has no laws requiring septic testing prior to buying or selling a home. This can be a very costly to someone in the market for a new home, and can even cause the sale to fall through. Here is a small anecdote about the importance of having a septic test from one of our colleagues who was considering purchasing a home in New Hampshire.

“I was in the market for a small single family home which had been completely updated and happened to contain a septic system. Upon signing the purchase and sale agreement, along with my home inspection I decided to also have the septic system inspected. To my surprise, the septic system failed the inspection, and would need to be completely replaced. Due to the severity of the damage, I was quoted replacement costs of around $60,000! To make matters worse, the replacement might not even have been possible due to the property lines surrounding the residence. This was a deal breaker. Luckily I was able to get out of the agreement, but had I not had the septic inspection I would have been in for some high costs.”

So please remember, when in the market for a new home protect yourself! Arm yourself with the necessary information and consider having a septic system inspection as well as a home inspection performed by professionals prior to signing the sale agreement.

For more information on septic inspection and home inspection services for your home or business, please visit RJ Home Inspection online at http://localhost/rj, contact info@localhost, or call (978) 681-8759. 

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