Getting Your Home Inspection After a Flood

Getting Your Home Inspection After a Flood

Before moving back in to your flood damaged home, you should get a Home Inspection. An inspector will thoroughly check your home to make sure that it is once again safe for you and your family. A home inspector will examine your home for electrical damage, structural issues, and mold growth.

Electrical Damage

When the electrical system in your home is underwater, it can damage the wiring and other electrical components. Dirt and debris from contaminated water can short out the wiring and cause it to be dangerous. Do not go into your home until a qualified inspector can inspect your home and test your electrical system. You could possibly be electrocuted or cause a fire if you try to use a faulty electrical system.

Structural Damage

Before you move back in, you will also need to have your home inspected to make sure that there is no structural damage. Structural damage can include drooping ceilings, cracks in the foundation, rotting floors and damage to walls. The severity of the damage will depend on how high the water was in your house and the duration of standing water. If there is extensive damage to the structure, your home could eventually collapse.

Mold and Mildew Found in Your Home Inspection

It only takes a few hours after water gets into your home for mold and mildew to start growing. This hazardous fungus will grow anywhere there was water. If you do not have it properly removed, it can lead to mold related health problems for you and your family. Mold will often be on the walls, behind wall coverings, under carpets and in many other nooks and crannies that you cannot even see.
Because of safety and health reasons, it is very important that you have a Home Inspection after a flood. A qualified home inspector will check your home for anything that is unsafe for you and your family. After the inspection, your home will be safe and you will have peace of mind.

Source: A Better Inspector, our fellow professionals in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

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