Home Repairs and Maintenance Best Done During Summer

May Is Building Safety Month and with That in Mind We’d Like to Provide You with Some Summer Repair and Maintenance Tips.


Home Repairs and Maintenance Best Done During Summer

Summertime may cook up images of beach, lazy days and vacations to spend with loved ones. But of course, you won’t be out spending all days of summer season out there, so might as well take care of some repair and maintenance jobs that you can do with your family to chase boredom in between trips to beach.

Lawn and Garden Tool Maintenance. Right after your usual morning jog, you might as well oil garden tools and sharpen the blades to ensure that your trimmers are in kept in good shape.

Inspect areas prone to pests and termites. While the weather permits, you may inspect your basement and specific areas or eaves that maybe prone to termites, ants and other pest. Any infestation maybe terminated with the help of professionals.

Work on your Patio or Porch. Hose down concrete or brick patio surface and clean the barbecue. Patch cracks and replace broken pieces or bricks. Plant new annuals in pots or replace planters. Clean up your patio furniture.

Complete Painting Jobs. Summertime is indeed the perfect time to start and finish painting jobs around the house. If you are repainting your whole house, be sure to wash it down first with a cleaning formula and scrape of crumbling paint. Smooth uneven areas with sandpaper and fill out damaged areas with quality filler. Indoor painting job is also best scheduled while the weather is food because you have good ventilation and paint dry quickly.

Repair fences or build new ones. This is also the perfect time to check damaged fence areas, repair them and refinish as needed. If your budget permits, you may consider building new fences. There are several fencing materials that may even upgrade the value of your home. But be sure you comply with local ordinances and codes before you start digging.

Check your Roof. Summer’s dry and warm weather allows for easier maintenance, repair and even the replacement of your whole roof. So climb up early and check for damages so you can take care of it before rainy days come in.

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