Another Reason Why You Need an Inspector for Brand New Construction or Newer Home

Another Reason Why You Need an Inspector for
Brand New Construction or Newer Home


Last week I wrote an article titled “DO NOT BUY-ASK US WHY! BUYING A BRAND NEW HOME WITHOUT A REALTOR AND INSPECTOR.” It was a fantastic reminder why new home buyers should not forsake buyer representation nor having an inspection when purchasing a brand new home or new construction.

I had another incident happen yesterday that only confirmed it!  I traveled over 60 miles round trip to attend a buyer inspection with a close friend referral buyer who had since become a great friend.  The home was a newer construction at only 3 years old in which the owner had only lived in the home for one year before needing to leave the country for a family emergency.   Although the listing agent assured us that a termite or home inspection was most likely not needed because the home was only a few years old in a new community and the sellers kept it in pristine condition, we pushed for one anyway because ya never know right?

The termite company found nothing just as we figured, great! 

The home inspector arrived and was ready to work and within 5 minutes of being there said to me, “There’s no water.”  Even when I tried turning it on from the outside valve, nothing.”  The listing agent had been fantastic in making sure everything was on, gas, electricity, so what happened?

Some moron decided they wanted an actual city water meter.  The entire water meter had been stolen.  You can’t check for water leaks with no water.  The inspection was a bust but the inspector didn’t charge us and said he would gladly come out again when the water was running for a complete inspection.  I called the listing agent and they were horrified because they prided themselves on seamless transactions.  When reported, the city was even more horrified and immediately scheduled a next day replacement.   Although no reports of burglaries in the area, were there other vacant homes in the area that had stolen meters.  What does one do with a stolen water meter?

Although this appeared to be an easy fix, this is still further proof that it is ALWAYS best to get a home inspection because ya never know.  Buyer beware!  I don’t care if its brand spanking new home or if you are buying from a relative or friend, get a home inspection and purchase your home with eyes wide open. 

Source: Andi Grant for Active Rain Blog; free to use as per Creative Commons.

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