Month: January 2016

A Water-Damaged Home and health of Occupants: Case Study

A Water-Damaged Home and Health of Occupants: A Case Study Abstract: A family of five and pet dog who rented a water-damaged home and developed multiple health problems. The home was analyzed for species of mold and bacteria. The diagnostics included MRI for chronic sinusitis with ENT and sinus surgery, and neurological testing for neurocognitive […]
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Flood-Damaged Buildings

Flood- Damaged Buildings Inspectors should be prepared to protect themselves and their clients from the unique challenges posed by flood-damaged buildings. Hazards in and around flood-damaged buildings include the risks of: Growth of large mold colonies; Septic system collapse; Trip-and-fall injuries; Structural collapse;  Fire and explosions;  Toxic sludge and materials containing waterborne bacteria; and  Electrical shock […]
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